Preparing for Mediation Staines Child custody issues

Checklist of the Top Ten Child Custody Mediation Services

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When you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse are divorcing, you may want to negotiate child custody arrangements through Mediation Staines Child custody rather than through typical court sessions. Not only will this allow you to address critical components and concerns in a more relaxed atmosphere, but it will also offer you better influence over the decision-making process and final conclusion. However, prior to your first Mediation Staines Child custody session, it is vital that you arrive prepared.

To do so, you should have spent some time discussing strategy with your attorney and determining which conditions could be negotiable during the process. However, you should also have a mental and written checklist for any queries or other issues that may emerge along the journey. If you want assistance, the following is a Top Ten List for your child custody mediation session. Family Mediator Farnham

Leave Your Emotions and Ego Behind

Prior to commencing Mediation Staines Child custody, you should check your emotions and ego at the door. Rather of viewing it as a conflict, regard it as an opportunity to have a lengthy talk about what is best for your children.

Which Parent Will Be Responsible for Physical Custody?

This may come down to who has the better living arrangement, has the money to support the children, and other considerations. Again, keep your children’s best interests in mind when drafting this section of the agreement.

How Will the Children Be Picked Up and Dropped Off?

Given that the non-custodial parent will almost certainly have the children on weekends, ensure that the agreement includes a clear plan for how and when the children will be picked up and dropped off.

How Will Special Occasions such as Holidays, Birthdays, and Other Occasions be Handled?

Always a topic of contention in many child custody arrangements, it is critical that you and your spouse have a comprehensive plan for who will have custody of the children around holidays and birthdays. Again, reach an arrangement that is equitable for both parents and children.

Who Will Be Responsible for Legal Custody?

This is a vital issue since it will define which parent will be accountable for the child’s education, healthcare, and other essential decisions.

How Will Medical Care and Discipline Be Decided?

While one parent may have legal custody, it is critical for the non-custodial parent to be engaged in some way when medical or discipline choices need to be made.

What Happens If One Parent Relocates?

Whether you have physical or legal custody of your kid or are the non-custodial parent, always consider in Mediation Staines Child custody what will happen if one parent chooses to relocate, since this might affect visits, living arrangements, schooling, and other issues.

How Will Conflicts Be Resolved?


Even if you have established an outstanding custody arrangement, conflicts are inevitably going to arise. As a result, you should constantly be aware of how these will be handled.

How Frequently Will the Child Custody Agreement Be Reviewed?

Once a custody arrangement is in place, always ensure that you have the option of revising it, especially if your or your ex-circumstances spouse’s change.

Maintain Constant Contact with Your Attorney

Finally, your Top 10 Mediation Staines Child custody checklist should always include the presence of your attorney during all sessions of Mediation Staines Child custody. This way, you may not only seek their opinion on different issues along the route, but also ensure that you do not agree to anything that could be damaging to your child custody agreement in the short or long run.