Mediation For Expats in Cyprus

At Mediation Europe, we have an expert group of certified family conciliators running in locations throughout Europe and the World. Our team are here to assist you with mediation practical to where you live. Our group consists of personnel members with a complete degree of experience and competence in legal and mediation matters. The majority of our family conciliators have experience as Lawyers, social employees, counsellors or business.

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Shining a light on family law for expats

Author is an attorney, mediator and partner at Mediation Europe, a practice which specialises in (inter) national family law.

Living an expat life can be exciting, however also extremely tough – especially as far as family matters are worried. Divorce rates, for circumstances, are higher than typical amongst expats.

Where to declare divorce when you are an expat?

Last summer season, I once again went through marathon mediation sessions with an expat couple in order to reach a divorce arrangement, and, much more significantly, a parenting plan before the school year started. This was because among the partners had actually been assigned a new posting in the US, while the other partner did not desire to leave. A joint petition for divorce was submitted in August in the , in order to avoid additional escalation and proceedings in the US.

Numerous spouses who are dealing with a divorce are not mindful of the fact that divorce procedures can be started in more than one country. And that it is therefore essential to obtain sound expert guidance on which country is to be preferred – as there is no single response to the concern “which is best”.

The very first factor to consider must be, obviously, whether the divorce can be arranged by the spouses through mediation, in a collaborative divorce setting or with help from their attorneys.

Once the spouses have actually signed a divorce covenant, the advantage to this is that the Dutch courts facilitate a quick divorce. If it is not likely that a divorce covenant or any other agreement will be reached, the next crucial action is to figure out which courts have jurisdiction and which nationwide laws these courts might apply, or are obliged to use. Here are a couple of examples.

Forum shopping

As a family attorney with a worldwide practice, I advise my clients that it may be more suitable to start proceedings in the Cyprus when, for example, time is an issue. In some other nations, such as the USA, Germany and Switzerland, the partners have to wait one year (after separation) before they can start divorce proceedings.

Another factor to choose a Dutch court is that this makes it possible to use Dutch law to the procedures, as the court uses its own law. This implies that you just have to state that the marital relationship has actually irretrievably broken down, as the Dutch courts do not assign blame (if any) or think about any related penalties. In this context, it is also beneficial analyzing which of the courts with jurisdiction concerning the divorce can use its own law regarding spousal alimony.

Don’t forget that both parties can go forum shopping! As soon as the forum has actually been concurred upon, the divorce petition need to be filed as quickly as possible with the preferred court, ought to a friendly divorce not be possible. As soon as a petition is pending, any other court approached later, will then need to stay away from dealing with the case.

What are your alternatives?

As a lawyer specialising in global family law, I always try to encourage my new divorce customers, specifically expat customers, to consider divorce as a transfer from married life to a life after marriage … for both. And to mention how crucial it is to try to settle the effects of the divorce, specifically when there are children included.

To accomplish a liveable life after divorce, I often suggest mediation. Disagreements between partners in divorce are frequently suited to a mediation method, where the most essential possession of mediation is that the celebrations themselves attain an option together. This increases the dedication to and approval of the solution and the sustainability of the divorce arrangement.

This is specifically crucial for my expat clients, as their divorce agreements are more most likely to be challenged by changing circumstances in the future.

Sometimes, mediation is not an alternative. For example, when the difference in abilities and understanding between the spouses is too great, threatening to create an imbalance too huge to moderate. Because case, a collaborative divorce setting may be a practical option. With collaborative divorce, both parties select their own lawyer to advocate their interests, as well as their typical interests.

A coach with a mental background structures the process, explaining possible problems concerning children in an early stage and assisting the moms and dads towards a service. The common goal of this team of 5 is to reach the most ideal solution possible for both partners.

In economically intricate cases, the services of an independent financial and/or international tax consultant can also be used.

Legal jungle

We do realise that global family law can sometimes be a jungle for our expat clients, in spite of all the efforts to merge conventions and Cyprus regulations.

Even between EU countries, there remain amazing distinctions in rules and legislation. Not only regarding divorce, however likewise relating to kids born out of a worldwide relationship, or when the relevant matrimonial law conflicts with the applicable law of succession, specifically when it pertains to real estate in different nations.

Living an expat life, the existence of this legal jungle is a crucial concern to be familiar with. Mediation Europe gladly uses you their knowledge.

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Cross border family mediation in Cyprus

Mediation in cross border cases concerning kids

Mediation in children cases can be very effective as it focuses both moms and dads’ minds on their children and crucially what will remain in their best interests. In lots of cases parents rely on mediation, in preference to pricey court procedures. They strive to keep a respectful and peaceable life for the parents and children going forward. However what about in worldwide child relocation cases?

Child relocation mediations in Cyprus

There are many international regulations and conventions which takes precedence over court orders in some scenarios. It is important that your mediator know these like the back of their hand.In international cases concerning a change in jurisdiction, mediation is still possible. The parents’ positions may be polarised but often each moms and dad just requires to be in a more unwinded environment (away from the courtroom) and listen carefully to the proposals put forward by the other. What is stated is ‘without bias’ so it can not be described in any future court proceedings.

The area of global family law, whether it includes children or financing, is extremely intricate. All concerns should be thoroughly thought about and given the mediation table during the process. Not to consider them would, in our view, be a failed (potentially irresponsible) mediation. It is therefore important that conciliators with global knowledge are used. Concern your mediator concerning the experience s/he has in international family law. It is your right to know. There are lots of safeguards which should be put in place to secure the arrangement you both reach and a raft of mistakes to avoid. There are many global policies and conventions which takes precedence over court orders in some circumstances. It is important that your mediator know these like the back of their hand.

Example: A couple may have agreed that a person of them will relocate with a child to another country for one year and will then go back to the contact and living arrangements that existed prior to the brief move. If that moms and dad decided not to return, it might be very challenging for the left behind moms and dad to insist on a return even if an application is made to the court.

Concern: If it is argued that the kids have ‘settled’ in the other country the children might not be bought to return ‘home’ whatever a mediation arrangement or court order says.

Task of care

Kids are only brought into the mediation procedure if it is necessary or if they want to be heard and the parents agree.At iFLG, we specialise in cross border cases including kids and we understand these risks. It is our duty to raise these concerns in the mediation process and for the parents to consider them. By raising these concerns, the parents can then seek particular legal advice before reaching a mediated agreement. The legal representative can participate in a mediation or the mediation can be adjourned for a short time to allow a moms and dad to consult before continuing. The last contract must be one which works and is water tight. We constantly recommend putting a mediated arrangement involving worldwide aspects into a court order as this will be constantly be more secure than an agreement which has actually not been endorsed by a court. If it is proposed that a child will be returned after a duration abroad or call arrangements are set out, it is essential that as many safeguards as possible have been built into the arrangement or court order as possible.

The mediator has a responsibility of care to the mediation process, to make sure any arrangement made remains in the best interest of the kids, fair to both parents and that all essential issues which could trigger the arrangement to stop working have actually been appropriately considered.

If a contract is reached within the mediation process a Memorandum of Comprehending is drafted. This is a legally fortunate document setting out whatever from with whom and where the children will live; the contact arrangements (with parents and extended family); unique occasions; a choice making structure for all significant milestones in the kids’s lives; religious beliefs, education and health. The list is limitless.

Children are just brought into the mediation procedure if it is required or if they wish to be heard and the parents concur. In practice, we can see children from the age of 8/9 years upwards. If they and the parents agree, the children are invited to meet with the mediator separately but only. Frequently the voices of the children help moms and dads to genuinely comprehend how their children feel which in turn helps them to make the ideal choice for their family. Mediation assists bring the voice of the child/children to the leading edge.

Mediation normally takes 3 sessions each of around 2 hours. These sessions can be face to face at our Cyprus offices or via Skype. Mediation is cost efficient and works well. It is likewise quickly ‘easily transportable’ across the world’s time zones.

Here is some feedback from families who have gone through the mediation process with us:

” Mediation offered us both an opportunity to talk with each other calmly. It took away much of the dispute and hurt we were both sensation”

” Mediation allowed us to focus on our children’s future”

” The mediation enabled us to talk about the important things we feared following the breakdown of our marriage.

” Mediation provided me a better comprehend for how my ex-partner was feeling”. It assisted us both carry on”.

, if you would like more details on the Kid’s Mediation Service at iFLG see our website.. If you have any questions relating to the mediation structure and procedure you can contact Mediation Europe on [email protected]

The contents of this post are for reference purposes just. They do not make up legal suggestions and needs to not be relied on. Legal advice must constantly be sought for your specific situation.