Getting a C100 sorted for Mediation Rickmansworth


What Is a Form C100? What Is a C100 Form and How Do I Use It? What Is the Cost of a C100 Form?

Certain aspects of Family Mediation Rickmansworth might be perplexing, particularly the legal side, which employs complicated and technical jargon. For instance, you may have heard about or been informed that you would require a C100 Form but are unsure of what it is or how to get one.

Do not be concerned. It’s a rather straightforward process, and we at Mediation Europe Rickmansworth will assist you, but you may want to start early and learn more. As such, we’ve included a basic, straightforward, and jargon-free explanation below of what a C100 Form contains, why you might want one, and how to ensure you have everything you need to accompany your C100 Form.

Thus, here we go:


A C100 Form is the form that you must complete in order for the family court to provide a decision about your child‘s parenting arrangements. This is what is referred to as a Child Arrangement Order. You may have come across references to a’residence order’ or a ‘contact order,’ but the phrase ‘Child Arrangement Order’ now encompasses all of these characteristics.

A C100 Form is necessary by law, pursuant to section 8 of the Children Act, 1989, in order to file an application with the family court. Mediation Rickmansworth


A C100 Form is used to submit applications for three distinct sorts of court orders:

  • Kid Arrangement Orders – they address issues such as where the child will reside and how much time they will spend with others.
  • Prohibited Steps Order — this type of order prohibits a party (often a parent) from engaging in certain child-related activities that are not in the child’s best interests. This might be used to prevent a parent from withdrawing a kid from school, changing the child’s name, or even deporting the youngster.
  • Certain Issue Order – if parents are unable to agree on a specific issue of child custody, this type of order may be necessary. For instance, the choice of a kid’s school or whether the child would receive a religious education rather than a secular education


The straightforward truth is that not everyone. A C100 Form is the initial step in petitioning the family court for judgments on child custody and visitation. This occurs when parents are unable to settle issues alone or via Mediation Rickmansworth and require the involvement of a court. It may also be necessary when the child’s safety requires the protection of the law.

As an alternative to pursuing settlement through the family court, parents can work together to make decisions in the child’s best interests, which is where Mediation Europe Rickmansworth can be of great assistance. We can assist you in reaching a constructive settlement to issues concerning your family’s future through Family Mediation Rickmansworth.

Where appropriate, we can prepare a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ for you, which is a document that summarises all agreed-upon terms and can be followed informally by both parties. It can also be approved in court by a solicitor and converted into a legally enforceable consent order if required.
These choices allow you to retain control over all future decisions affecting your children, rather than ceding that authority to a family court judge.


Mediation Europe Rickmansworth will offer you with a completed C100 Form. The C100 Form will require you to provide an account of the situation, including complete information about the child (date of birth, relationship to the applicant, etc); complete information about the applicant (full and any previous names, date of birth, address, etc); complete information about the respondent (the other party); the nature of the application and the type of order you are seeking; whether your child has suffered or is at risk of suffering harm; and whether you have suffered or are at risk of suffering suf
A ‘Position Statement’ may be included with the C100 application.

It is not a legal obligation, but it enables you to provide additional data about the issue and to make a request with justifications. It enables the court to have a more complete picture of the circumstances and may be beneficial in aiding your case. Mediation Europe Rickmansworth gives this statement as an alternative (see costs below).

From April 22, 2014, all applicants to court in relevant family procedures will be required to attend a Mediation Rickmansworth Assessment and Information Meeting (MIAM) before to filing their application, unless their case fulfils one of the exemption requirements. For instance, if there is evidence of domestic abuse or if there are worries about kid protection.


A C100 Form is £50 plus a £215 court fee. The form may be submitted electronically or in physical copy by postal mail (the latter option requires 3 copies, and a postage charge will be applied)
At a cost of £25, we may produce a ‘Position Statement’ (see preceding section). This is an optional field, however it may assist you with your application.


This is a question similar to ‘How Long Is a Piece of String?’ ‘Depends’ is the operative word here. If there are any complicated problems or safeguarding concerns, the procedure will be delayed. However, something as basic as a work backlog at a particular court might alter the schedule. However, in our experience, the usual processing time appears to be 6-8 weeks.