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Mediators put the needs of the children first. The mediation process is designed to help you understand your child's feelings and needs. Your role as parents is to make the right decision for your children and mediation can help with this - Mediation Europe covering the UK, Europe and rest of the world.

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"We both had different ideas what our children should be parented and could not discuss without a big shouting match. Mediation Europe helped us work out an arrangement."
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Just how can mediation help you?

How do the parents feel about the mediation process?

A child is an important part of the family and will feel the importance of participating in the mediation process. Of course, the parents are important to the child as well, and their opinions should be heard as well.

Do the children feel that the parents are understanding and supportive?

All children will feel the importance of a child-centered style of communicating. It is important to know that your child feels understood and supported. If you think that the parents are not understanding or supportive, ask to speak with them before the mediation session.

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What do you need to do to take part in mediation?

You need to be able to honestly talk about the concerns involved in the conflict by bringing any info that is felt to be important/relevant to the process. You have to also be prepared to pay attention to the views of the other parties involved.

When parents cant communicate with each what happens to the children?

Family Mediation enables that conversation to take place even if you are in different countries.

So just how does mediation work?

The treatment prior to the mediation Mediation is a volunteer procedure so it is just feasible if both sides agree to it. The mediator will certainly talk with both sides to guarantee their agreement. If there is a contract to moderate, any party can repair a date for the mediation. As soon as the day is repaired, each party pays their cost.
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We offer Skype Mediation to our customers:
Amazingly responsive

The great thing about Skype is that you will certainly have the ability to see everyone on the call, this is better to simply a conference call where definition can be lost without seeing somebody's expressions (Will need a functioning microphone and web cam to do the skype sessions).

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Finding Time

Be aware that arranging a time for the mediation may be an obstacle, especially if both parties work. You might likewise be taking care of different time zones which will further complicate points.

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Quiet Space

Make sure that you have completely undisturbed time for the session. Just because you can take the mediation session from your couch doesn't imply your youngsters ought to be around to stroll in, listen in or sidetrack you. If the mediation is about plans for them, it is specifically unwise for them to be privy to any sessions.

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There may be breaks in the connection which will mean several of what you say may need to be repeated. If one person's web connection is extremely sluggish there might be multiple disruptions, loss of noise or visual which may be aggravating. Your mediator will check all these elements in a pre-briefing as well as will certainly test a Skype contact us to examine connectivity.

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- Be conscious of the time hold-up that might occur. Everybody will certainly require to be briefed to talk slowly and also plainly.

Why Us?

At Mediation Europe, we believe in assisting parties resolve conflicts quickly, confidentially and also cost-effectively.  We achieve this by offering the full service to our customers, by providing an outstanding level of service to every client, no matter their situation and by offering reasonable and transparent pricing – Covering the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

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