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We are a firm believer that parents are best equipped to make child-related choices during divorce or separation. Reaching agreements on child custody and visitation can be tough and emotionally draining, but we can assist you in finding a solution rather than having those decisions made for you by a Family Court judge.

Therefore, how can we assist you?

Our initial consultation will be free, discreet, and non-judgmental. We can assist you in moving forward quickly with decisions about where the children will live following the separation, how care will be shared between you, arrangements for school holidays and special events, financial arrangements, providing emotional well-being for your children, and any other issues that may arise in the future.

Reaching these kind of agreements may be demanding, emotionally taxing, and may even result in a complete breakdown of communication, but here is where I and my team of mediators can assist. We urge parents to communicate calmly, collaborate, and prioritise their own and their children’s futures. We never take a position or attempt to sway your selections in any manner. Each case is unique, and we will assist you in navigating the challenges that affect you and your family.

Mediation Rickmansworth will guarantee that the dialogue is focused on the needs of your children. This may be accomplished through parents listening to and taking into account their children’s thoughts and needs. Where a kid is sufficiently mature, they may also meet alone with a child-inclusive specialised mediator.

Thus, what will occur next? The Mediation Rickmansworth procedure is as follows. The choice to mediate is made entirely on a voluntary basis. We will first meet with you. This meeting is called an MIAM (Mediation Information Assessment Meeting) and it is an opportunity for us to explain the Mediation Rickmansworth process and principles, but more importantly, it is an opportunity for us to learn about your current situation, the impact it is having on you and your children, and the goals you have for family Mediation Rickmansworth. If you and your ex-partner agree, we will perform a separate MIAM. Once each MIAM has been completed, the procedure advances to a Joint Mediation Rickmansworth Meeting. A single joint meeting will enough in the majority of child arrangement issues. However, in more difficult circumstances, more sessions might be added to assist you in resolving the issue satisfactorily.

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The combined meeting begins by setting some fundamental communication principles. It is a place for expressing your goals for the family Mediation Rickmansworth process and for exploring your possibilities. We will then agree on a meeting agenda. Our duty is to assist you and to guarantee that you are able to voice and be heard your concerns. We will urge you to make rational decisions by concentrating on the future and putting your children first.

We will produce a paper with your recommendations and outcomes following the conference. This is referred to as a Memorandum of Understanding, which both parties will sign. It is not a legal document in and of itself, but it may be brought to a judge via your counsel and confirmed to become a court order if required.

It’s worth mentioning that family Mediation Rickmansworth can accomplish the exact same result as pursuing a court order through the family court process. There are numerous advantages to family Mediation Rickmansworth, including the following: it is significantly less expensive in terms of legal fees; it is significantly less emotionally stressful and intimidating than going to court; you retain control of the arrangements and decision-making; and, of course, you will have the direct assistance of a professional and experienced family mediator throughout the process.

If you intend to move immediately to the family court, you must attend an MIAM in order to get a form called a C100 authorising you to do so. However, pursuing family Mediation Rickmansworth may frequently result in a more expeditious resolution at a lower expense.