Exactly how To Win A Protection Fight Against A Narcissist

Is it Possible to Outsmart a Narcissist in a Custody Battle?

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At Mediation Europe, we understand how challenging it can be to win a custody battle against a narcissist. It can seem like an impossible task, but with the right approach, it is possible to outsmart a narcissist and win the custody battle. In this article, we take a look at exactly how to win a custody battle against a narcissist and the strategies you can use to put yourself in the best position to succeed.

Understand the Narcissist

The first step to winning a custody battle with a narcissist is to understand how they think. Narcissists are manipulative, controlling, and often use guilt and intimidation tactics to get what they want. It is important to be aware of these tactics and be prepared to outmaneuver them.

Set Boundaries

It is also important to set boundaries when engaging with the narcissist. It is essential to maintain your composure and create boundaries around what is acceptable behavior. Doing so will limit the narcissist’s ability to manipulate and control you.

Become an Expert

In a custody battle, knowledge is power. Work to become an expert on the laws and regulations related to custody battles. Knowing the specifics of the law gives you greater leverage against a narcissist and puts you in a better position to win.

Make a Plan

It is important to have a plan when entering into a custody battle with a narcissist. Make sure you have all your documentation in order, research your options, and have a plan for how you are going to approach the battle.


Dealing with a narcissistic ex-partner can be a difficult and challenging process. However, with the right approach and knowledge, it is possible to win a custody battle against a narcissist. Understanding the narcissist’s tactics, setting boundaries, becoming an expert on the law, and having a plan are all essential strategies for success in a custody battle against a narcissist. At Mediation Europe, we are committed to helping you navigate these difficult waters and win the custody battle.

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