The UK Family Mediation industry is one of the most highly regarded in the world. Accredited mediators can help couples work through issues fast and effectively. Both parties agree to meet the mediator and present their case. They then enter into a time-limited negotiation where the mediator helps the two parties reach an agreement.

Each member of our family mediation team in UK, Europe and rest of the world is an accredited member of a Family Mediation Association organisation and is sustained by a Professional Practice Consultant.

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"I was in Spain and my ex partner was in the UK and we didnt want to keep travelling but has financial issues to resolve after our split. This service was perfect for us"
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Just how can our approved mediatiors help you?

The entire purpose of mediation is to find ways of solving conflicts. It is about negotiating out the problem so that both parties can focus on what they both have in common. Accredited and experienced mediationif done properly, can enhance the mediator’s chances of getting sucessful resolution for couples.

You are getting a proven service

Mediation Europe can make a huge difference in the lives of the people who are involved.

  • Experienced
  • Finding solutions
  • Impartial

Mediation is confidential

Experienced and accredited mediators done judge and dont offer advice. We are there to help you both but in an impartial solution focussed way.

So just how does long distance mediation work?

Our mediators use the following technologies:

  • Zoom
  • Skype
  • Whats App
  • Facetime
  • Video conferencing software
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Family mediation for couples seeking help around children and finances but live in different Countries.

We offer long distance Mediation to our customers:
Amazingly responsive

We can arrange mediation meetings in less than 24 hours

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Finding Time

We woould consider different time zones and offers daytime, eveninfg and weekend services.

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Quiet Space

Make sure that you have completely undisturbed time for the session. Accredited mediators dont allow shouting or screaming its about equal voice but in a calm manner.

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If one person's web connection is extremely sluggish there might be multiple disruptions, loss of noise or visual which may be aggravating. Your mediator will check all these elements in a pre-briefing

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Prepare yourself prior to the meeting with a list of the discussion points and focus on your goals and communication.

What next?

At Mediation Europe we want to help you asap so contact us asap.

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